norman reedus silent hillsIt seems Norman Reedus is all about that creepy survival horror life.

"The Walking Dead" star's latest gig is as a character in the upcoming PlayStation 4 game "Silent Hills," the latest in the blockbuster "Silent Hill" franchise, which will no doubt involve dispatching all sorts of nasty things that go bump in the night. The famous franchise kicked off in 1999, and each iteration since has successfully freaked out everyone who enjoys turning off all the lights to play video games. (Pro tip: That's an advanced gaming technique and not for the faint of heart!) The teaser below was released as part of a longer playable trailer.

There's something extra cool yet mysterious about "Silent Hills," and that's the two other names attached to the game. Hideo Kojima, a powerhouse video game designer and all-around superstar, is credited alongside Guillermo del Toro for... something. We don't know what. Producing? Writing? Directing? Kojima tweeted last year that he wanted to "3D capture Ryan Gosling and Norman Reedus and make [a] game with them." A few months later, he tweeted a photo of himself hanging out with the "Walking Dead" dude. Cool sunglasses, guys. There's no release date for "Silent Hills" just yet, so we'll keep our eyes peeled. Errr, metaphorically speaking -- don't get any ideas, Pyramid Head! In the meantime, we'll cross our fingers that someday we might be able to walk in Gosling's shoes, if only through our Xbox.