gone girl ew coverRemember back in January, when Entertainment Weekly ran their "Gone Girl" cover story and director David Fincher made a comment about how the filmmakers behind the adaptation of the best-selling novel had tossed aside the book's ending, and "started from scratch"? (People then apparently freaked out because, um, movies based on novels have to be totally faithful and apparently people who love "Gone Girl." Wonder if we should tell that to Stanley Kubrick...) It got so bad that Gillian Flynn, who not only authored the novel but also penned the screenplay, had to diffuse the tension during a Reddit AMA (because you know how heated those can get), saying that Fincher "greatly exaggerated" the alteration to the original text. Well, Entertainment Weekly is back with another "Gone Girl" cover and even more Fincher quotes, in which he kind of explains himself (via Vulture).

According to David Fincher, who says that his original comments were taken out of context (which the magazine refutes), "Everything and nothing" has changed when bringing the beloved novel, about a man (played by Ben Affleck) whose wife (Rosamund Pike) goes missing and places him as the prime suspect. He went on: " You're not changing the marrow of the creature. You're just changing the bone structure and the muscles and the skin. And the hair." He then, apparently laughed, and continued: "It's all of its outer sheathing. But at its core, it's exactly what I think Gillian always intended."

Does this clear anything up? Besides the fact that "David Fincher should not be a doctor." We'll know soon enough: "Gone Girl" is the opening film of the New York Film Festival. And you know we'll be there and will report back, giving you all of our thoughts. Including a look at what they changed, what they didn't, and maybe what they should have.

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