While on "CBS This Morning," ostensibly to talk up his pedigreed new young adult adaptation "The Giver," Weinstein Company chief Harvey Weinstein was quickly asked by host Charlie Rose about the death of Robin Williams and if he had any great memories of the performer. And, ever the showman, Weinstein did (via The Wrap).

"It's been a tough week to collect our thoughts and think about those implications," Weinstein said. "Because when you knew Robin, he made your life so much better." Weinstein then recounted an elaborate prank that Williams pulled on his costar, Swedish actor Stellan Skarsgard when he got to the set of "Good Will Hunting" (a movie Weinstein produced and Williams won a much-deserved and long-overdue Oscar for). Basically, it was a conspiratorial josh that involved director Gus Van Sant and the entire crew, and ended with Skarsgard "adding Swedish gibberish." But really it's better if you just watch Weinstein tell it.

Ah, Robin. We miss you.

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