babadook trailerIf you're in the mood for a good scare, turn off all the lights before checking out this trailer for "The Babadook." This Australian indie scared the snowy pants off of Sundance-goers with its tale of a widowed other, her trouble child, and an ominous book he finds named "Mister Babadook."

Amelia (Essie Davis) is fairly certain that the boogeyman her son Samuel (Noah Wiseman) becomes obsessed with isn't real. The weird things that have been happening around their house are surely just a coincidence, or the product of Sammy's overactive imagination. Surely he's just having trouble because of the recent (violent) death of his father. Nothing sinister is happening. Right? Uh, right.

"The Babadook," which is the feature-length debut of writer/director Jennifer Kent, slinks into theaters on November 28, thanks to IFC Midnight. Given IFC Midnight's VOD presence, there's a good chance you will also be able to watch "The Babadook" in the comfort of your own home on demand. Plus, it's always cool to see female writers and directors make their mark in horror!

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The Babadook
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A troubled widow (Essie Davis) discovers that her son is telling the truth about a monster that entered... Read More