"Community" fans have clamored for six seasons and a movie for, well, almost six seasons, and while we can't promise there will be a movie any time soon, there will be a sixth season. We knew that already, but seeing this trailer makes it feel somehow more real. The threat of the Darkest Timeline was really real! But just like "The Six Million Dollar Man," they can rebuild "Community." They have the technology.

Actually, this "Community" trailer has everything! How can they fit so many flashbacks and pop culture references and sly digs at the show's ups and downs into a trailer that's less than two minutes? Well, that's the genius of Dan Harmon and his writers, as well as the charm of those lovable Greendale Community College losers and layabouts. We can't wait. Thank Yahoo!

The new season will launch in 2015.

[Via The Wrap]

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