jennifer lawrenceToday is Jennifer Lawrence's birthday, and to celebrate Vulture has dug up a supremely embarrassing curio from the Oscar-winner's past –- scenes from "Not Another High School Show," a bizarre, uniquely horrible Comedy Central pilot that was based on the 2007 semi-success "Not Another Teen Movie." Just watch it.

In the clip, Alison Brie (from "Community," "Scream 4" and "The Lego Movie") stars as Muffy the Vampire Slayer. So, yes, there are a bunch of vagina jokes that are pretty pointless (many center around pubic hair, it's probably good you should know that going in). What makes this parody even dumber is that "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" was a cult series that went off the air at least five years before this pilot went into production. Not exactly of-the-moment satire, guys. Anyway, you'll see a bunch of that and then Jennifer Lawrence, America's sassy sweetheart, pops up towards the end as some high schooler who encounters a dying H. Jon Benjamin (as a pervy janitor, naturally), who has been mistakenly skewered by Muffy (who thinks he's a vampire). Clearly, this is all insanely hilarious and very much worth your time. Not.

Obviously, Comedy Central chose to not waste anybody's time with "Another High School Show" and didn't pick it up for series. On a related note: we're pretty sure Comedy Central's "Nathan for You" is the funniest show on television. Seriously. Just watch it.

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