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"Sharknado 3" is already set to hit next summer, but it may be missing series star Ian Ziering.

The New York Daily News's Confidenti@l blog reports that Ziering is insisting on a bigger paycheck for the third installment in the wildly popular (and wildly silly) Syfy franchise, but producers may cut him loose from the series altogether. The Asylum, the production company behind the flicks, is known for making its movies quickly and cheaply -- and may not want to bother negotiating with Ziering, according to Confidenti@l.

"They'll replace him, they'll replace (co-star) Tara Reid. They're not essential to the story. No one is," a source told the blog. "The sharks are graphics, and everyone else is replaceable."

Ziering reportedly made around $400,000 for the first "Sharknado," and revealed in an interview with ABC last year that he was initially hesitant to take the part -- but did it so he wouldn't lose his Screen Actors Guild health insurance. While that's not exactly a ringing endorsement for the flicks' quality, money is money, and it seems Ziering just wants a cut of the successful series's lucrative earnings.

If he does get axed, though, he can always go the Tara Reid route, and use his "Sharknado" fame to launch a tangentially-related product.

via: New York Daily News, h/t Uproxx

Photo credit: Andrew Toth via Getty Images

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