up michael bayWell, this is one of the more inexplicable mash-up videos as yet coughed forth from the bowels of the Internet: some genius/insane person on YouTube decided to hypothesize what would happen if Michael Bay had directed Disney/Pixar's Oscar-winning animated fable "Up." And it's pretty amazing.

At first, the clip is pretty standard: lots of lens flares from unknowable locations, with familiar scenes from "Up" coated in that weird blue filter that all of Michael Bay's movies seem to have and then the hilarious, excessive punch line in the form of explosions. Lots and lots of explosions. (There's also, amazingly, a shot from the second "Transformers" movie, I believe, randomly sprinkled in there.)

If you're a fan of Pixar, of "Up," of Michael Bay, or jokes about how much Michael Bay loves explosions, then this clip is obviously must-seen material. Especially on a Monday.

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