Obviously, Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul should team up for new spoof videos every week. That's one way give "Breaking Bad" fans the fix they need, now that the show is over (sniff) and the only thing left to do is wait to see how many Emmys it wins on Monday, August 25.

Speaking of the Emmys, three trophy winners -- the AMC boys and four-time winner Julia Louis-Dreyfus -- are featured in this viral spoof called "Barely Legal Pawn," which comes via Emmy sponsor Audi.

In the six-minute video, Bryan and Aaron go full redneck as the pawn shop owners and Julia plays herself, pawning one of her Emmys to try and buy an island -- 'cause if Celine Dion has one, JLD should too, no? The guys confuse Julia with Mary-Louise Parker of "Weeds," which apparently happens a lot because of the Louis/Louise, and the three actors go meta when fighting over which genre is harder -- comedy or drama.

Even if you aren't into the whole video, you have to at least watch the end for the very special surprise and final line. "Breaking Bad" fans will not be disappointed!