paul rudd ant-man photoThe first image of Paul Rudd in "Ant-Man" is no joke.

In the photo (below), the actor sheds his usual sunny smile and comic persona to embody Scott Lang, a con man who eventually becomes the superhero Ant-Man.

The Marvel movie began shooting this week and Rudd is shown wearing dark clothing, sporting a bandage above his right eye, and standing in front of the Golden Gate Bridge.

Michael Douglas co-stars as Dr. Hank Pym, who first develops the Ant-Man technology and becomes Scott's mentor. In the comics, Scott eventually takes over as Ant-Man.

Marvel must be sighing in relief as the project gets underway, as it experienced some turmoil earlier this year when director Edgar Wright dropped out. Peyton Reed ("Bring It On," "The Break-Up") replaced him.

"Ant-Man" also stars Corey Stoll, Judy Greer, and Bobby Cannavale and is set for release on July 17, 2015.
paul rudd ant-man first look
[h/t TheWrap]

Photo by Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images

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