In the past two days, more than one million people have had "boots and pants and boots and pants!" stuck in their heads, thanks to a viral video that's being billed on YouTube as "Terrible Mall Commercial." No false advertising on that front!

It may be awful, but as we all know by now, the quickest way to fame in this Internet age is to be very good or very, very bad. This one falls in the latter category, although it's more cheesy-cute than straight tragic.

The ad is a back-to-school promo for East Hills Mall in Missouri, and the producer/director/editor is not mad about getting so much attention, even if it's thanks in part to a Reddit post dubbed "The worst local commercial I've ever seen." Chris Fleck told local FOX 26 KNPN, "The whole time we pitched this idea we said, 'maybe it will go viral.' And it did. If you can entertain and get your message in, you've accomplished your goal. I just love that it's getting this much response. That's what commercials do, they get response." The mall's marketing manager added, "It definitely put East Mills on the map for this week, or however long it stays."

In the two days since its August 17 posting, the YouTube video has garnered at least 1,036,931 views. So basically the message to the world is to aim very, very, very low with your advertising, 'cause that might just be your golden ticket. Now go get your boots and pants!

[via: FOX KNPN]

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