automata trailer antonio banderasWe've already got Siri; next thing you know, we'll be living under the aegis of our robot overlords.

The idea of machines rising up against mankind is an age-old one, but can still be as fascinating as ever. The trailer for Gabe Ibañez's "Automata" doesn't provide much new in the way of story, but its sleek, washed-out look and slight twists make it seem like an interesting entry into this genre.

Antonio Banderas plays an investigator with a robotics company in the year 2044. Their robots are programmed with two principles: they cannot harm any form of life and they cannot alter themselves or another. Yet, as Banderas soon discovers, these robots are more human than anyone ever dreamed.

"Automata" also stars Melanie Griffith and Dylan McDermott, and opens October 10.