Kristen Stewart and Nicholas Hoult are the latest celebs to join the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge craze, and posted a video in which they not only douse themselves with water, but stick their heads in their full buckets for good measure.

The clip features "Equals" co-stars Stewart and Hoult, alongside friend Scott Fahrendorf, calling out Anne Hathaway (who nominated Stewart), then dunking their heads in their buckets before pouring the contents over their entire bodies. Hoult and Fahrendorf then dump an even larger bucket onto the sopping wet Stewart.

After the stunt, Stewart nominated her pals Jenny Lewis and Brie Larson (with whom she recently starred in the music video for Lewis's tune "Just One of the Guys"), as well as her "Equals" costar Jacki Weaver. Hoult nominated a trio of former costars: Craig Roberts ("Kill Your Friends"), Joe Dempsie ("Skins"), and Colin Firth ("A Single Man"). They also urged people to be responsible with water conservation in drought-plagued California, noting that all their water was dirty bathwater leftovers.

Check out the video below, and just try not to shiver.

[via: Popsugar]

Photo credit: Getty Images