bane wedding crashFile under "too amazing to be true" (and in the sub-file "thank god the internet is around to confirm crazy stuff like this happens"), but apparently, back in 2011, a couple was trying to get married (as they do), when their special day was interrupted by the filming of "The Dark Knight Rises," which was setting off explosions and firing guns and making muddy political statements while the couple was trying to tie the knot.

Apparently the producers became aware of the wedding and decided to not be total a-holes about it, parking a Batmobile in front of the reception so the bride and groom could take pictures with it. And, oh yeah, Tom Hardy, dressed in full Bane regalia, got on top of the Batmobile and waved to members of the wedding party. In one great photo (courtesy of Uproxx via Reddit), you can see a bunch of bridesmaids, in pale pink dresses, standing just a few feet away from the villainous mastermind. It's pretty great. We hear Hardy is also available for bar mitzvahs.

Quite frankly, this anecdote is better than anything in "The Dark Knight Rises."

Photo by Jared Wickerham/Getty Images

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