Yes, this Ice Bucket Challenge thing is weird and already totally played out, but you know what? It's also for a great cause. And seeing people get ice water dumped on their heads is almost always funny. But leave it to Benedict Cumberbatch, who seems to be a magical creature from another dimension meant to bring unlimited joy to this Earth, to basically shut down the entire shtick with one hilarious YouTube video.

The video starts off as a standard Ice Bucket Challenge video, with the added flourish of it being in slow motion when he actually gets soaked. (And, by the way, we really appreciate that there is actually ICE in the ice water. Some of these videos just look like "really cold water," which doesn't do it for us.) But then things go on longer and longer and it's really pretty hilarious. "Good sport" doesn't quite cut it when describing Benedict Cumberbatch; homeboy is positively saintly.