minority report tv showOne of the words most often used to describe this summer's terrific "Godzilla" reboot was "Spielbergian" and it looks like the bearded filmmaker was also a big fan. He's bringing aboard Max Borenstein, who was credited with the "Godzilla" screenplay (even though, if we're being totally candid, a small squadron of writers contributed to the screenplay, including Frank Darabont and Rian Johnson), to adapt his 2002 feature film "Minority Report" for the small screen.

The Wrap is reporting that Steven Spielberg and Borenstein will translate the sci-fi adventure, which starred Tom Cruise as a cop in the "pre-crime" division of a futuristic Los Angeles, who uses psychics to help stop violent acts before they occur, for Spielberg's Amblin Television. According to the report Spielberg is targeting a "name" actor to anchor the series, like he did for his summer CBS series "Extant" (he nabbed Halle Berry).

The new series will, presumably, also draw from the Philip K. Dick story that the film was based on, although how much or how little remains to be seen. Also unclear: what the timeframe for the series is or what network will grab the show, should it go to series (The Wrap theorizes that Fox could be the show's home, since 20th Century Fox distributed the film with Spielberg's DreamWorks).

Even though Spielberg's dance card is filling up quickly, with the back-to-back shoots of an untitled Tom Hanks spy thriller and an adaptation of Roald Dahl's "The BFG," The Wrap says that Spielberg will be "closely involved" in the development of this "Minority Report" series. Borenstein, meanwhile, is working on the "King Kong" spin-off movie "Skull Island" for Legendary and Universal, while he patiently awaits the release of the first film he wrote for Legendary, "Seventh Son." That movie, which stars Jeff Bridges and Julianne Moore and looks kind of nuts in a WTF-were-they-thinking way, was originally scheduled for February 2013, then later moved to October 2013, and then January 2014... and will now be out in February 2015. But we're pretty sure it will be worth the wait. It's not everyday you see The Dude battling witches (or whatever that movie is about).

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