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"The Blacklist" is one of the hottest shows on TV right now, and it's racking up some seriously cool guests to prove it. The drama, which stars James Spader as an ultra-smooth criminal nicknamed Red who decides to turn himself in to the FBI for his own mysterious reasons, will feature none other than Paul Reubens as a well-dressed criminal named Mr. Vargas in at least two episodes next season.

Exec producer Jon Bokenkamp told Entertainment Weekly, "It can't get strange enough for me. One of the most fun things is being able to write for actors who I've admired and think are interesting and try to play against expectations. I think this will be a fun one. I'd say he's gonna shake things up a bit when he enters Red's orbit." We'll always love Reubens as Pee-Wee, but we can't get enough of him in dark roles like this. As hilarious as he can be, he's equally great in Todd Solondz's "Life During Wartime" and Ted Demme's "Blow."

Reubens isn't the only cool actor who will be popping up on the next season of "Blacklist." Krysten Ritter, Mary-Louise Parker, and "Americans" bad guy Lee Tergesen will show up in episodes this season.

The season premiere of "The Blacklist" is Monday, September 22, at 10/9c on NBC.
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