"The Walking Dead" is about to head into its fifth season, and if you're a fan of the zombie apocalypse drama then you're in for a (disturbing) little treat. Yup, now there's a deleted scene from Season 4 (courtesy of Movie Pilot) that would give anyone the willies.

If you haven't caught up on the "Walking Dead," then you'll probably want to skip because, you know, spoilers. But those who have watched the season and are curious about a little bit of extra flesh-craving goodness, should definitely take a peek.

The scene features the Carol and Tyreese characters and the group is walking along some abandoned railway tracks when Tyreese decides that they're going to play an imaginary game of I-spy. Except that one of the little girls is freaky and opens her eyes anyway and engages the whole group in a discussion about whether or not a baby died during the outbreak.

Are there any child psychiatrists left on earth?

Apparently some really disturbing stuff follows this scene, which you can see in gif form if you head over to Movie Pilot. Jeez, "The Walking Dead!"
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