The beloved HBO series "True Blood" comes to an end this Sunday after seven bloody, wild, and sexy seasons. Fans, get ready to say goodbye to Sookie Stackhouse and company for once and for all.

But what if you're not caught up? Or you simply don't have a TV handy? Well, if you're looking for your "True Blood" fix, like, right now and not sure how to catch the show in all its vampiric glory, don't fret -- we've got you covered.

For those of you who are just hoping to watch the most current season you'll need to to be an HBO subscriber and you can watch it on HBO Go (WATCH NOW) or Xfinity (WATCH NOW.)

But just where do you go if you need to binge on past seasons? You should be aware that you can get Seasons 1 - 6 on iTunes (WATCH NOW) and Amazon (WATCH NOW). If you've never seen an episode and are on the fence, we suggest you go straight to the first season today, settle in, and make an evening (or five) of it.

And if you can't remember all this info and ever need assistance on where to get a taste of "True Blood" when you just need one (we hear ya...), make sure to head over to Moviefone's "True Blood" page to find out where to watch every episode online or when the next episode airs on TV.

The final episode of "True Blood" airs tonight on HBO at 9pm.