There's always time for a "Funny Or Die" digital short, even at the 66th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards.

On Monday, August 25, Emmys host Seth Meyers was joined by comedian and "Parks & Recreation" star Billy Eichner for a special Emmys edition of Eichner's man-on-the-street interviews. During the awesome sketch, Billy and Seth approached hapless strangers and pushed microphones in their faces to ask questions like, "For a dollar, true or false, Maggie Smith doesn't give a sh-t about these awards?" The answer was obviously true! The "Downton Abbey" dowager duchess is beneath such things. They also took donations for "The Big Bang Theory" cast, since they clearly need the money. #sarcasm

Watch a special version of the video below, with extra web-only clips. And don't forget, it's Seth MEYERS, not MacFarlane. That other Seth is probably not going to host this show anytime soon.
Billy on the Street Emmy Edition with Seth Meyers!!! from Billy on the Street

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