We already knew Bryan Cranston and Julia Louis-Dreyfus were a great Emmy Awards comedy team, thanks to their viral pawn shop video. But they took it to another level by kissing (a lot!) at the 2014 Emmys.

Bryan and Julia presented the Emmy for Lead Actor in a Comedy Series, and Julia started the joke by telling "Clark Cable" (nice stache, Bryan) that he looked so much like the actor on "Seinfeld" who played the dentist that Elaine dated. Bryan waited a beat and said, "That was me." He added that they actually had a kissing scene together. Julia's comedic timing in blowing him off and Bryan's timing in staring her down in disbelief - pure gold.

Fast-forward a bit to when Julia won the Emmy for Lead Actress in a Comedy Series, and Bryan stopped her for a not-so-quick makeout session as she went to pick up her award. Then she remembered. "Um yeah, he was on Seinfeld. Yeah." Cut to Bryan wiping his lips.


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