ouija trailerThe first trailer for "Ouija," based on the board game your teenage sister used to play at sleepovers, offered horror movie cliches galore, and a new clip for the flick is no different.

The film follows a group of friends mourning their pal Debbie, who died under mysterious circumstances (and as we can see from flashbacks, perhaps directly as a result of the game itself). They play a round to communicate with Debbie, only to awaken a demonic spirit instead, who is no doubt none too pleased to be dealing with a group of emo teenagers.

Bad things begin to follow the gang around, leading them to seek out the advice of an old woman who tells them in no uncertain terms that they've "invited something evil into our world." Darn kids, always making a mess of everything.

Will these teens make it out of their Ouija game intact? Or are they doomed to a Debbie-ish demise? Audiences will have to play along to find out.

"Ouija" is due in theaters on October 24.

[via: Uproxx]

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Terror awaits five friends who unwittingly awaken a dark power by using an antique Ouija board. Read More