We know you're probably mourning the loss of HBO's beloved vampire drama "True Blood," which came to an end after seven seasons on Sunday, August 24. We feel of you. But we look at TV like this -- when one of your favorite show happens to reach its series finale, that just frees you up to watch another new series.

Here are 7 TV shows similar to "True Blood" that you should probably check out soon:

1. "The Vampire Diaries"

So, you already enjoy shows about hot vampires -- why not try out one of the most popular (and hottest) vampire dramas out there? There are five seasons of the Nina Dobrev-led CW series to catch up on.

2. "The Originals"

Can't get enough of those vampires, huh? Well, this "Vampire Diaries" spinoff is about the original werewolf/vampire hybrid. Here you'll find even more sexy, supernatural fun, set in New Orleans. Good thing for you is there's only one season to get through.

3. "Buffy the Vampire Slayer"

"Buffy" is not only one of the most classic vampire TV shows of all time, it's also a great high school dramedy that tackles the coming-of-age experience in a unique and highly entertaining way. Stake out a few days and binge on this amazing series.

4. "Angel"

Spinoff "Angel" revolves around everyone's favorite brooding "Buffy" vampire as he embarks on a life in Los Angeles. There are five seasons to get into.

5. "The Strain"

If you're not watching FX's gory new horror series "The Strain," you should definitely check it out. It's currently in its first season and just got renewed for a second.

6. "Supernatural"

This beloved CW series is heading into its 10th season, with good reason. This is the perfect monster-filled thriller to binge on if you're in the mood for a creepy, funny mystery.

7. "Teen Wolf"

Just because this MTV show has teen in the title doesn't mean you should count it out. It may not bring those scintilating NSFW elements that "True Blood" did, but it's got superhuman drama, romance, and suspense that will have you hooked from the start.

Photo courtesy of The CW