"True Blood" is officially over, and we're currently covered in a combination of tears, comfort food, and Eric Northman posters. HBO's long-standing vampire drama went all out for its finale season, by which we mean they killed off half the population of Bon Temps –– including Bill Compton. Despite Sookie Stackhouse's fairy feels, Bill met his maker in the"True Blood" final moments –– but his demise is just the tip of the iceberg.

Ready to take a walk down memory lane and revisit this season's goriest, most fangtastic deaths? Well, we've rounded up every obliteration for you to look back on (with GIFs, of course!), so go ahead and pour one out for our fallen homies.

Name: Tara Thornton
Time of Death: Season 7, Episode 1 ("Jesus Gonna Be Here")
If Tara's untimely doom seems somewhat familiar, it's probably because she died back in Season 4 and turned into a vampire. But there was no saving Tara from True Death during the massacre at Bellefleur's Bar and Grill, where she died in her mother's arms. Luckily, Tara stuck around post-mortem for much of Season 7 thanks Lettie Mae's copious V-trips!
Name: Deputy Kevin Ellis
Time of Death: Season 7, Episode 1 ("Jesus Gonna Be Here")
Poor Deputy Ellis was taken prisoner by a roving band of Hep-V infected vampires during the attack at Bellefleur's, and –– unlike Holly Cleary and Arlene Bellefleur –– he didn't make it out alive. Quite the opposite: he was mercilessly drained of all his blood in the basement of Fangtasia. Not a good look.

Name: Betty Harris
Time of Death: Season 7, Episode 2 ("I Found You")
We hardly got a chance to know Hep-V infected Vampire Betty before she turned into a pile of goo while feeding on Arlene. Long story short, this tender-hearted teacher decided to help her home girls out, paused for a quick snack on Arlene's upper-inner thighs, and promptly exploded. As ya do.
Name: Vampire Matt
Time of Death: Season 7, Episode 3 ("Fire in the Hole")
You might remember Matt as the friendly vampire who offered Sam Merlotte his protection in wake of the violence at Bellefleur's. Sadly, Matt met the True Death thanks to vamp-hating Vince, who shot him while trolling around the backwoods with an angry mob. It was gross. But what comes next is grosser.

Name: Maxine Fortenberry
Time of Death: Season 7, Episode 3 ("Fire in the Hole")
Hot off the heels of Vampire Matt's death, Mrs. Fortenberry made the mistake of shooting Jessica Hamby in the shoulder. So naturally, Violet zoomed up and ripped out her stomach. We were sad to see Maxine meet her doom on the side of some random road –– but at least her death brought Hoyt Fortenberry back to Bon Temps, right?

Name: Alcide Herveaux
Time of Death: Season 7, Episode 3 ("Fire in the Hole")
Thanks to Sookie's inexplicable need to wander through the woods and bait the Hep-V vampires, Alcide was shot by a couple crazy townies with a vendetta against supes. Alcide's death was truly unexpected, but at least we can take comfort in the fact that he died shirtless, the way the True Blood Gods intended.
Name: Deputy Kenya Jones
Time of Death: Season 7, Episode 4 ("Death Is Not The End")
Kenya joined forces with Bon Temps' mob, and as retribution she was killed during a brutal battle at Fangtasia. More specifically, her head was bashed in. Lovely!

Name: Yukuza Leader
Time of Death: Season 7, Episode 5 ("Lost Cause")
This mere mortal foolishly tried to go up against Eric in a bid to capture Sarah Newlin. Hah, please. Even in his weakened, Hep-V state, Eric managed to kill the Yakuza leader in seconds...by stabbing him and ripping out his jaw, no less! We're not sure why Eric felt the need to hold onto said jaw for the rest of the episode, but whatever makes you happy, buddy.
Name: Mrs. Kapnek
Time of Death: Season 7, Episode 6 ("Karma")
Mrs. Kapnek tried to extort Bill in exchange for getting his affairs in order, so naturally she deserved to die. How dare you take advantage of Bill's good nature, Mrs. Kapneck? No wonder he stabbed you. That middle-parted hair might be unassuming (and super nerdy), but make no mistake –– Bill means business.

Name: Amber Mills
Time of Death: Season 7, Episode 7 ("May Be The Last Time")
Amber is (er, was) Sarah Newlin's sister, who was infected with Hep-V only to be cured by Sarah herself! Too bad Eric up and murdered her as punishment for not spilling details about Sarah's whereabouts, but the upside? She had the pleasure of being killed by True Blood's most handsome Swede.

Name: Violet Mazurski
Time of Death: Season 7, Episode 8 ("Almost Home")
Violet was shot by Hoyt just moments before trying out some terrifying torture instruments on Jessica, Jason, and their friends. And considering said torture instruments consisted of scalding hot medieval sex toys, we're thinking Hoyt had pretty good timing.

Name: Mr. Gus
Time of Death: Season 7, Episode 10 ("Thank You")
The head of the Yakonomo Corporation met his doom in a fiery tunnel during True Blood's season finale, shortly after Eric released Sarah Newlin. Poor Mr. Gus made the mistake of crawling after Sarah, only to have Eric set him on fire with a flame ball. We'll miss your jaunty cowboy hat, Gus.

Name: Bill Compton
Time of Death: Season 7, Episode 10 ("Thank You")
In one last act of professional martyrdom, Bill sacrificed himself so that Sookie could be free. Of course, Bill made Sookie crawl into a dank coffin and stake him with a splintered shovel (that's going to give her some serious nightmares), but hopefully she'll get over it with the help of a therapist. RIP, Bill. We'll never forget the way you drawled "Sookeh."

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