"Pretty Little Liars" is embarking on another mid-season hiatus (now what are we supposed to do with our lives?) and once again fans are left with more questions than answers. No seriously, so many questions. Not only did PLL's epic season finale include an inexplicable death (RIP, Mona!), we still have no idea who A is, and a few brand-new mysteries were introduced to the party.

So, what unanswered questions from the finale will haunt the streets of Rosewood during "Pretty Little Liars" hiatus? You're about to find out!

1. Who Hit Bethany Young On The Head?
We know that Spencer Hastings' preppy older sister, Melissa, buried Bethany Young alive (whoops!), but who delivered the near-fatal blow to her head? No clue. What we do know is that it most likely wasn't Alison DiLaurentis, as she passed her lie-detector test with flying colors. And unless Ali's so delusional that she's taken to believing her own web of lies, this recently resurrected it-girl is in the clear.

2. Why Did Ali Want Bethany Dead?
According to Spencer Hastings and Mona Vanderwaal's expert sleuthing, Mrs. DiLaurentis was having an affair with Bethany's father, and this somehow sent Ali into a sociopathic fit of rage. The little liars think Ali is responsible for Bethany's death, but if a mere bout of jealousy led her to kill Bethany, why didn't she also kill Spencer? After all, Mrs. D had an affair with Mr. Hastings as well! The story doesn't quite line up....

3. Who Killed Mona?
Mona was murdered by a blonde in a black hoodie, and while the PLL Powers That Be clearly want us to think the prime suspect is Ali, we're not so sure. Yeah, Ali and Mona's killer are both blonde, and yeah, Ali looked way too happy when the police announced Mona's homicide, but the mystery broad in question was somewhat taller than Mona. And if there's one thing we've learned from PLL, it's that it's super easy to get your hands on a blonde wig. In fact, pretty sure there's one lurking in A's lair....

4. Is Mona Really Dead?
The police didn't find a body at the scene of Mona's homicide, but there was so much blood that her survival chances are slim at best. Plus, we saw Mona's presumably dead corpse chilling in the back of a car with a Baby Jesus statue (er, ok then) and she definitely looked all kinds of deceased. But wait! The camera also made sure to zoom in on Mona's eye...if it had lingered a second longer would she have blinked? This wouldn't be the first time someone got their zombie on in Rosewood, that's all we're saying.

5. Why Is Ali Hanging Out In A Creepy Farm?
Apparently, Paige McCullers followed Ali and her terrifying twin friends, Cindy and Mindy, out to some backwoods farm and witnessed her gathering an army of loyal disciples. Who knows what Ali's up to (other than perfecting the art of side-eye and shade), but her "army" is sure to be a plot point in the season's second half!

6. Is Alison A?
The Pretty Little Liars seem pretty convinced that Ali is A (and Mona claimed she had evidence before suffering "Death By Inexplicably Bleeding"), but what proof do we really have? Aside from the fact that Ali is a compulsive liar and is certainly up to no good, she's always been there for her friends. Sure, she's way more terrifying then your average moody teenager, but is she really capable of murder and ritualistic stalking?

7. What Is Mona's Mom Up To?
Mona's mom spent most of this episode ugly-crying about her daughter's untimely doom, but she also got into the spirit of the show with a little sleuthing. We saw Mona's mother secretly visit Rosewood High's principle, and then Ali was called in just moments later. Did Mona pay the price for whatever her mom said to the headmaster? What are you up to, lady?

Bonus: Someone Explain How Toby Is A Policeman
Can we please discuss the important fact that Toby is a policeman now? Because last time we checked, he'd dropped out of high school and was dabbling in the art of whittling / being studly. Also, we're pretty sure Toby's still a teenager. Please explain yourselves, Rosewood police force.

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