Daniel Radcliffe in HornsWe've often wondered if the uber-talented Daniel Radcliffe made a deal with the devil, but we never thought we'd actually see him don a pair of horns.

In "Horns," Radcliffe stars as a the main suspect in the rape and murder of his girlfriend Merrin Williams (Juno Temple). Ig Perrish wants to find the monster that killed the love of his life, he wants to absolve himself, and most pressingly, he wants to figure out why the heck he's growing horns. As if his new bony growths weren't weird enough, he also finds that whomever he encounters tells him their darkest secrets and desires, no matter how horrifying or humiliating. It's a lot for one guy to handle, for sure.

Author Joe Hill's novels are weird and great, somewhere on the border between fantasy and horror, and bursting with dark humor. Director Alexandre Aja cut his teeth in the wave of extreme French horror with his film "High Tension," but he later went on to make some pretty forgettable movies, like the remake of "The Hills Have Eyes," "Mirrors," and "Piranha 3D." It's possible that "Horns" will bring new blood to Aja's career, especially since its source material and stars are so cool.

Radcliffe charmed us in the romcom "What If" earlier this summer, and we're ready for him to get tough in "Horns" this Halloween.

Check out the UK trailer below.

[Via Yahoo!]