It seems that with each passing day we're given some new morsel of information, or maybe a visual or two, pertaining to this upcoming season of "American Horror Story" (this one with the truly blood-curdling subtitle of "Freak Show"). When the series isn't busy winning Emmys (congrats Jessica!), it's engaged in the tease, getting us prepared for a new season that takes place in a community in Florida known for its rather freaky inhabitants. Today we have a new teaser for the season, plus the first image of the entire cast in full regalia.

The photo comes courtesy of the Hollywood Reporter, but is damnably low-resolution, so a lot of what we're describing is educated guesswork. But in the photo you can see Sarah Paulson as a two-headed woman, Michael Chiklis as a strongman, Kathy Bates as a bearded woman, Angela Bassett as a woman with three-breasts (seriously! Look at the photo), and Evan Peters as some kind of doo-wop greaser. Jessica Lange is just in the photo looking fabulous, and Denis O'Hare appears as the "freak collector" he previously indicated. No sign yet of the killer clown character who will be essayed by John Carroll Lynch. Because that's probably too scary for posters they put in the Metro North commuter trains.

What's more, the THR report contains the news that Ryan Murphy, the show's co-creator, executive producer, and mouthpiece, will be directing the first episode. It's the first time he's directed an hour of "American Horror Story" since the first season. ""It's darker than 'Coven;' it feels very unique," Murphy told The Hollywood Reporter. "I directed the first one and I haven't done that since the very first one of season one. It feels like a Douglas Sirk movie; it's very 1952 presentational and then the horror is an unexpected jab. As opposed to last year, which was crazy camera work and comedy. This year feels different." To which we say: bring it on!

A new teaser for the series has also debuted, featuring a winged woman in a cage. Even before it's aired, this thing is giving us nightmares.

"American Horror Story: Freak Show," which also features Patti LaBelle, Gabourey Sidibe, Frances Conroy, Emma Roberts, Matt Bomer, and Finn Wittrock, returns to haunt our television sets on October 8th. Get ready, boys and ghouls!

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