Filmmaker David Fincher is one of the greatest directors currently living, having given us genuine masterpieces like "Fight Club" and "Zodiac." He also, occasionally, needs to get paid. So every so often he directs very expensive (and expensive-looking) commercials for companies who want his distinctive look and style for their products. And just like in his feature film work, the results are almost always brilliant (like a series of deliriously hilarious Nike commercials he directed in the nineties that featured Dennis Hopper as an unhinged referee).

Fincher's latest commercial work, as Adage points out, is for the Gap, who are doing a massive rebranding this fall. They're attempting to move away from the "chinos your less cool coworkers wear" image into something sexier, more vital, and definitely more youthful. The opening salvo in this campaign are a series of black-and-white commercials artfully directed by Fincher that are really, really cool.

The ads feature the new Gap slogan ("Dress Normal."), along with more provocative catch phrases like "Simple clothes for you to complicate" and "the uniform of rebellion and conformity" (I think I took a class with this exact same title at the New School). The visuals, themselves, are arresting, full of Fincher's lush widescreen black-and-white photography, precise compositions, sexy young actors immaculately framed, and a vaguely film noir-ish vibe. Quite frankly it would be easy for us to just watch these commercials on a loop until his next film, "Gone Girl," opens on October 3rd. That's how good they are. Watch them below! And see if you want to buy their jeans now.

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