toy story, everything wrong with toy story, toy story sins"Toy Story," Pixar's first feature, is a film beloved by millions, but it requires a lot of suspension of disbelief. That's where Cinema Sins (motto: "No movie is without sin") comes in.

In less than nine minutes, the site breaks down its many beefs with the animated classic, chief among them the fact that the toys are never caught talking and moving around, despite being pretty reckless. The video takes to task Andy's poor spelling and handwriting for his age, the creepy sexual innuendo between Woody and Bo, and the oh-so-convenient fact that Andy always seems to leave his bedroom door closed when he leaves, allowing the toys to do whatever they want without anyone seeing them.

As for the film's second act, when Woody and Buzz are discovered by devilish next door neighbor Sid, Cinema Sins finds it strange that the boy "just happens to be at the Pizza Planet because evil always lurks at pizza-themed restaurants." There are items missing from certain shots, questionable uses of a remote control car -- and did the video mention that NO ONE notices these toys racing down the street chasing a moving van?

In all, Cinema Sins tallied 76 different grievances. While we're sure that it feels good for the site to get that off of its chest, we have to wonder if they've ever heard of the concept of a fictional film. It's not supposed to be 100 percent believable, guys -- especially when the protagonists are talking toys.

via: Cinema Sins

Photo credit: YouTube