2014 Fall Movie PreviewTime to get serious everybody.

After a summer of frivolity and fun, defined largely by large monsters, even larger transformers, and a raccoon that spoke like Bradley Cooper and carried a very large gun, the fall movie season is now upon us, which means that every studio, large and small, will be trotting out their finest product in a bid for audience affection and awards season gold. And, if this list is any indication, both will be vied for with equal intensity.

Read on for 40 of the biggest releases of the season, covering everything from fairy tales, literary adaptations, big screen musicals, and biblical spectacles (and, no, you're not losing your mind – Benedict Cumberbatch or Dan Stevens stars in nearly every film).

What are you super pumped for and what are you willing to wait for the Oscar nominations to check out? Let us know -- this fall movie season is, in a word, epic.

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