One of the most delightful corners of the movie-obsessed Internet is the one occupied by the mad geniuses over at Screen Junkies, and specifically their Honest Trailers videos that periodically go up on YouTube for the sole purpose of making a long day seem much, much enjoyable. (If you don't have anything to do on this pre-holiday Thursday, going through the older installments would be a very good idea.)

The newest Honest Trailer is an oldie but goodie: the original "Ghostbusters," timed, as our friendly narrator suggests, to both the 30th anniversary and in light of the endless sequel/reboot talk. More than anything the Honest Trailer commentary makes you realize how much different movies were in the eighties – you could smoke in a PG-rated movie (and not just one character, seemingly every Ghostbuster lights up at one point or another), get away with lewd sexual suggestiveness, and, well, movie stars could look as doughy and ethnic as Harold Ramis, Bill Murray and Dan Aykroyd.

There are a lot of great points brought up in the Honest Trailers rundown of "Ghostbusters," and it's a testament to both how funny and lovable the format is and how good the original movie really was, that it doesn't lessen your appreciation for the film in the slightest. The "Ghostbusters" can face down phantasmagorical spirits and nerdy nitpicking any day of the week.

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