"The Blacklist" is coming to Netflix streaming -- and the service paid a pretty penny for the rights to the NBC series.

Deadline reports that Netflix shelled out a whopping $2 million per episode of the James Spader-starring series, a figure that is "believed to be the biggest subscription video-on-demand deal for a TV series." The first season of "The Blacklist" will be available beginning next weekend, with upcoming seasons slated to appear on the streaming service shortly after their season finales.

That huge price tag is nothing new for Netflix, which also paid approximately $1.35 million per episode for the previous most expensive series, "The Walking Dead," and $900,000 per pop for installments of "New Girl." And The Hollywood Reporter notes that the streaming giant doesn't shy away from big payouts when it can claim exclusive first re-broadcasting rights to a series, including the CBS summer 2015 show "The Zoo," for which it reportedly threw down $1 million per episode. (The "Blacklist" deal does not preclude studio Sony TV from reselling the series into network or cable syndication, however; Netflix just gets first crack at it.)

So if you never got around to watching "The Blacklist" during its initial run, just fire up Netflix -- starting September 7 -- to check it out. Just don't be surprised if your subscription fee suddenly gets fired up, too.

[via: Deadline, h/t The Hollywood Reporter]

Photo credit: Associated Press

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