Actor Robin Williams and his daughter ZeZelda Williams, the 25-year-old daughter of the late Robin Williams, returned to Twitter this week with a powerful anti-bullying message, after she deleted her account due to what she deemed "cruel and unnecessary" attacks centered around her father's suicide.

The younger Williams wrote on Monday a simple "Thank you" message, which also included a link to her personal Tumblr page, with a quote she attributed to Harvey Fierstein, her father's "Mrs. Doubtfire" costar.

"Never be bullied into silence," the quote said. "Never allow yourself to be made a victim. Accept no ones [sic] definition of your life; define yourself."
Williams had told her followers in a tweet sent out on August 13 that she was deactivating her account after being on the receiving end of malicious messages concerning her father's death, including edited images purportedly showing his body. Robin Williams hanged himself at his California home on August 11; the actor was 63.

While Zelda Williams's absence from social media also included Instagram, the young actress has since re-activated that account as well, though it is now set to private. Her first tweet in nearly three weeks has already received dozens of messages of support.

via: Zelda Williams, h/t Mashable

Photo credit: AFP/Getty Images

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