If you're like us and value your sleep, you probably nodded off into your Ambien dreamland before the party started on post-prime time TV. Don't worry; we've got you covered. Here's the best of what happened last night on late night.

Adam Levine was on "The Tonight Show" with Jimmy Fallon Tuesday night, showing off his imitation skills in a fun game called "Wheel of Musical Impressions." Adam actually does a slick version of Frank Sinatra singing "Head, Shoulders, Knees & Toes." Jimmy's Bob Dylan singing "Rude" is pretty classic. Adam really struggled at the start of his Michael Jackson-does- "Sesame Street" impression, but once he got it, he nailed it. Adam also talked to Jimmy about how he tried to help Gwen Stefani pronounce "Colbert" at the Emmys. They presented together, and Adam defended Gwen, saying she was super-nervous and wasn't sure how to pronounce "Colbert." He tried to explain it was like "Cold Bear." Gwen was so mortified when her flub happened, but Jimmy turned it into a bit. He said they did not plan for that, but they thanked Gwen for making it happen. Jimmy Kimmel had a pretty amusing talk with Wiz Khalifa, who discussed his No. 1 album, and how 12/12 is Wiz Khalifa Day. Jimmy showed off the new album cover, which obscures Wiz's face in marijuana smoke. JK said was getting a contact high just from holding it. They discussed exactly how much Wiz smokes. Jimmy said Snoop Dogg once said he smokes 75-80 joints a day. Wiz said he's in that same ballpark, but he's specific about the kind of pot he smokes, so he takes it with him everywhere he goes. That's why he's been arrested, like, 20 times! "Hey, it costs to be the boss." He noted that his lawyer doesn't mind. Wiz also showed off all his tattoos. He lifted his shirt and showed how he doesn't have any room on his chest now. He is working on his back and his legs now, 'cause that's basically the only place he has room. Jimmy also showed off Amber Rose's huge tat of Wiz's face. In the final video, Wiz and Jimmy play "Dem Boyz or Not Dem Boyz." Only two guys did not make the cut - including new Bachelor Chris Soules. A kangaroo wearing sunglasses made the cut, but not the farmer Bachelor. It's weirdly hilarious. "Jimmy Kimmel Live" also turned into a cooking show Tuesday night when Eva Longoria shared her favorite egg recipe. She uses egg whites because she grew up hating the color yellow an her mom tricked her by using egg whites instead. Eva also talked about her restaurant, Beso, which is right next door to the studio. She said she's a control freak about what's going on in there. Jimmy and Eva also discussed what she did over Labor Day weekend (she hung out with her boyfriend, sorry fellas), and Jimmy noted how she "spit in the face of fashion" by wearing white after Labor Day. It doesn't get much more gorgeous than Eva, so she can keep spitting at fashion all day. Jimmy K. also poked fun at the leaked iCloud photo scandal, saying you can tell how good or bad a person you are based on how many seconds you waited to Google "Jennifer Lawrence nude" after hearing the news. "Anything under 60, you're going to hell." Jimmy also shared his own leaked iCloud photo: "Conan" mocked the scandal by showing what happened when the celebrity nudes hacker got hacked himself:
And Jimmy Fallon also weighed in on the nude celeb photo scandal, then rounded up (fake) reactions in a bit called "That's What They Said": Stephen Colbert (Remember: "Cold Bear") was on "Late Night with Seth Meyers" -- check out Seth's new set! -- and talked about his massive love for "The Lord of the Rings." He shared his "peak geek" moment, frightening people with his enthusiasm for LOTR and "The Hobbit." They also discussed Stephen's Emmys experience with his 12-year-old son, and his own love for Captain America.
On the "Late Show With David Letterman," Julie Chen previewed "The Talk" Season 5, which starts soon. One of the themes is facing your fears, so Julie talked about some of her fears. She also said the sharing secrets theme is back by popular demand, so Dave shared one of his own secrets. He said, one time years ago when he was in Indiana, he killed a hitchhiker. "I only did it that one time!"

Julie also explained how she joined "Big Brother," which is now airing its 16th season. Julie never thought it would be on this long, around the world. She said "Big Brother" premiered during the height of "Survivor" and BB was like "the bastard stepchild cousin" of the more popular show. Julie really wanted to work on "60 Minutes" but instead she got to host "Big Brother." Not quite her big dream. She originally declined the hosting job because it would ruin her "60 Minutes" chances. She was told declining would be "insubordination" and they could really just assign her the job. Talk about BB-style manipulation! Dave said they couldn't really do that to her, but she was young and went for it. The critics hated her as host and Andy Rooney bashed her. Poor Julie. She said she aims to stay serious with the BB cast members, she doesn't want them to get too chummy with her.
Luke Wilson was also on Letterman, and discussed his short film, "Satellite Beach." He said it brings out his angry, competitive side when the film doesn't get into certain film festivals.