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The Rock does social media right. The latest evidence of Dwayne Johnson's Twitter savvy came earlier this morning when he tweeted a photo from "Shazam" with a quote and a few insightful hashtags that finally revealed which DC legend he's going to play... anti-hero Black Adam!
In the past, Johnson has revealed his fondness for both Shazam and Black Adam. He's been contemplating his options since at least 2007, when he told MTV that he was in talks to take on one role or another in "Shazam." That seems like so long ago, but back then Johnson was still more "The Rock" than the Hollywood superstar. Now he's a Hollywood mega-star, as well as 2013's top-grossing actor, with a haul of $1.3 billion based on the cash money his movies brought in. Plus, Johnson is already in better shape than most superheroes.

Darren Lemke, the scribe behind "Turbo," "Jack the Giant Slayer," and the upcoming "Goosebumps" adaptation, is writing the script. There's currently no director lined up. It's possible that "Shazam" could come out as early as 2016, but so far that's just a rumor. Guess we'll have to stay tuned to Johnson's Twitter to see what he's cooking.

[Via ComingSoon]

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