This past Saturday at the Venice Film Festival, Al Pacino, when asked about being down on Hollywood, answered very much in the negative. He then went on to say how much he loved one Hollywood movie in particular -- Marvel's "Guardians of the Galaxy." Pacino said it was "the most entertaining, inventive, beautiful film." (Don't worry Al, we agree!) Well, Deadline sat down with the actor during Venice and asked him more about his thoughts on the film and whether or not he'd do a Marvel movie himself.

Apparently it was his young children that initially got him into the cinema. "It was not something I would readily go see, but my kids got me to go, and one has to draw the line at where prejudice starts and where it ends - that was good stuff!" Pacino then talked more about his love of the movie. "I recognized the ingenious stuff they were doing; the invention, the attractiveness of the way they were performing it. It had Shakespearian feeling to it at times. I was caught up in the big screen, the great sound..."

When asked whether or not he'd perform in a Marvel movie, Pacino said, in so many words, "totally" (and he even managed to wedge a "Dick Tracy" reference in there! Go Pacino!) "I would do anything that I could understand in terms of how I fit in it. And you know, of course if I could fit in it. Anything's possible," Pacino explained. "You know, I did Dick Tracy and I got an Oscar nomination, so come on. I mean, what can I say?"

Someone get this man the script to "Captain America 3," stat!

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