Milwaukee Brewers v Chicago Cubs
In the pantheon of terrible celebrity first pitch attempts, Chris Pratt's probably doesn't rank among the worst, though his throw at Wednesday night's Chicago Cubs game was still pretty bad.

But Pratt, who was in town with the rest of the "Parks and Recreation" cast shooting scenes for the series's upcoming seventh season, recovered from his wide left toss with aplomb, offering a goofy grin and an "aw, shucks" shrug when he missed his mark. And his charming attack didn't stop there.

Pratt stuck around for the seventh inning stretch to belt out a rendition of "Take Me Out to the Ball Game," which wasn't exactly flawless, either. (Vanity Fair makes a nice joke about pitch here.) But the "Guardians of the Galaxy" star channeled his television alter ego, Andy Dwyer, and gave the song his all, earning cheers from the crowd.

The actor may have answered the question, "Is there anything Chris Pratt can't do?" But he's once again proven that whether he's visiting a hospital, surprising kids at a screening, or even stinking at baseball, he can't not be charming, either.

via: HuffPost Entertainment, Vanity Fair

Photo credit: Getty Images