Denzel Washington's new rock-'em sock-'em thriller "The Equalizer" is the unlikely opener of this year's Toronto International Film Festival, a lavish, ten-day-long affair that features hundreds of movies, of every flavor, texture, and genre from all over the world.

The Equalizer - Clip No. 1

This is a festival that caters specifically to its audiences, though, with the audience award winners usually going on to capture Oscar gold as well, and in that respect, "The Equalizer" is a perfect choice -- it's going to get the people whooping. In our exclusive clip, though, which takes place in the calm before the storm, you'll get to see Denzel bonding with a young prostitute, played by Chloe Grace Moretz.

The sequence is just a minute long, although this might be the only minute in the entire movie when Denzel Washington isn't brutally kicking someone's butt. Washington plays a lowly worker at a Home Depot-style home improvement store whose past is shrouded in mystery (he tells coworkers he was one of Gladys Knight's Pips). Every night he gets up at some ungodly hour and has tea at a local diner, where he also cracks open some classic piece of literature.

Chloe Grace Moretz, of "Kick-Ass" and last year's unfortunate "Carrie" remake, plays a young streetwalker who befriends Denzel's character at this same diner. Eventually, an unlikely friendship between the two is formed and it's pretty cute. In our exclusive clip, you get to see some adorable interaction between the stars. (It's this friendship, it should be noted, that eventually leads to Denzel having to brutally murder much of Boston's underworld populace.)

"The Equalizer" is based on a CBS series that ran for 88 episodes (from September, 1985 to August, 1989) and starred Edward Woodward as the titular character. (You'll also remember this is the show that Rob Reiner gets so upset about missing in "Wolf of Wall Street.") This new incarnation, which stars Marton Csokas, Bill Pullman, and Melissa Leo, opens everywhere on September 26th.

Expect it to knock 'em dead in Toronto.

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