This weekend, the Tom Hanks classic "Forrest Gump" gets a special one week IMAX release to mark its 20th anniversary, contestants work together to create the perfect society on the new reality series "Utopia," airing Sunday night on Fox; meanwhile, both the hit NBC series "The Blacklist," starring James Spader, and "All Is Lost," the critically-acclaimed, Oscar-nominated Robert Redford drama, arrive on Netflix.

Also in theaters this weekend:
  • "The Identical" follows twin brothers who are separated at birth. One of them becomes an iconic musician, while the other tries to balance his love for music and pleasing his father. Blake Rayne plays both brothers, and Ray Liotta and Ashley Judd appear in supporting roles.
  • In "God Help the Girl," Eve starts writing songs to deal with emotional problems when she meets two musicians each at crossroads of their own.
  • "Kelly & Cal" stars Juliette Lewis as a punk-rocker turned suburban mom who befriends her 17-year-old neighbor after both look for a spark in their mundane lives.
  • "Frontera" follows a former Arizona sheriff (Ed Harris) looking for answers and justice when his wife is mysteriously killed and a Mexican man (Michael Pena) illegally crossing into the US is wrongly accused.
  • "Wetlands" is a German film that follows an eccentric girl who has strange attitudes towards hygiene and sexuality.

Also on TV this weekend:
  • The annual benefit "Stand Up to Cancer" will air across several networks (8p ET Friday).
  • "The Brittany Murphy Story" examines the late actress's life and career (Lifetime, 9p ET Sat).
  • "Total Divas" and its WWE Divas return for a second season (E!, 9p ET Sunday).
  • "Boardwalk Empire" airs its fifth and final season premiere (HBO, 9p ET Sunday).
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