joan rivers late showTelevision lost one of its greatest comedians when Joan Rivers passed away yesterday, and the hosts of late night TV paid tribute to her in the only way they could: by sharing memories, singing Joan's praise, and indulging in some good old fashioned comedy. If you missed out on the post-prime time docket, we've got you covered.

David Letterman honored his old friend on "Late Show" by paying tribute to her wicked sense of humor, not to mention her role as a pioneer for female comedians.
Jimmy Kimmel took time out of his usual LOL-fest to commemorate Joan, and even showed a clip from her last visit on "Jimmy Kimmel Live." During the interview, Joan declares that she hopes her grandson grows up gay –– because who else will appreciate the fact that she knew Judy Garland?
Comedian Sarah Silverman swung by "Jimmy Kimmel Live," and in-between mocking Jimmy for his tie, shirt and hair ("nice tie, who made it Calvin Clown?"), she mourned Joan's loss, saying "I am broken inside."
Of course, Sarah also took a moment to talk about the infamous "liquid pot" found in her clutch at the Emmy Awards, and even let Jimmy go through her purse. The contents? A fake gun, condoms (apparently she gives them to homeless people), and a picture of Jimmy picking his nose. Joan Rivers approved comedy gold, right there.
Seth Meyers said goodbye to "the great Joan Rivers" on "Late Night," telling his audience that he was continually blown-away by Joan's ability to tell rapid-fire jokes and write every day.
Meanwhile, Conan O'Brien chatted to Chris Hardwick about Joan's passing, and about Chris' friendship with the legendary comic. Apparently, their relationship highlights included Joan asking Chris to explain the internet, which is completely hilarious in every way.
Joan Rivers always ended on a funny note, so we'll wrap up our roundup with Gisele Bundchen teaching Jimmy Fallon how to plank on "The Tonight Show." Classic!