denzel washington reddit amaNot everyone can do a good Reddit AMA. Some people don't get the format or how to interact with fans or are just generally boring. Not Denzel Washington. He absolutely owned his Reddit AMA this afternoon, in anticipation of his upcoming film "The Equalizer," not just answering questions but expounding on them in detail. Here are our favorite tidbits from his Reddit. You can read the whole thing here.

On kicking all the butts in "The Book of Eli":

There were a lot of takes. We worked on those fight scenes for a month. They were well-choreographed, and in fact, there's one scene where i think I fight 15 different guys at once - we actually worked it so I could fight 15 guys at one time! I did ninety percent, I don't know what percent, my own stunts, the stuntmen didn't have to do as much, but that was mostly me.

On the iconic role he turned down:

I turned down the movie "Seven" - but then when I saw it, I thought 'Man, I made a mistake!' But it still had Brad Pitt!

On how to get a smile like his:

It comes from the inside. Think good thoughts, be positive. I'll send you the number of my dentist...but think good thoughts. It starts in your heart.

On his regular friends - and his superstar friends:

My close friends are old friends, and none of them happen to be actors. I didn't mean that to say that I wouldn't befriend someone because they were an actor. I just, you know, my close friends are old friends. And it also depends on the word friends, and close friends. I have about 2, 3, 4 close friends. And a couple of them I've known since before I was an actor. I guess it sounded like a catchy thing to what the person wanted to say, and also most movie stars or successful actors are busy, so someone's off shooting something else while I'm shooting somewhere else... but it's never been my nature to make fast friends that I could truly call my friends.

Now a very, very good friend of mine is a musician. Lenny Kravitz. Wait, he just did an AMA? That's CRAZY. Did you mention to him that you were talking to me? That is crazy. So I got a superstar friend! Not a movie star friend but a rockstar! But it just so happens that none of my close friends are movie stars, for whatever reason, not because I didn't want them to be. If it was someone I knew from a long time ago, and they became a movie star, I wouldn't say that I wouldn't want them to be my friend anymore just because they became a movie star.

On his hobbies (and bragging on his son):

Well, I think I talk about boxing, I like to box. I don't have a lot of hobbies... My sports days are over, but I still box. And I've been fortunate to live through my kids through athletics, I had a son who played in the NFL, he's an actor now, he's starring in a new series for HBO called "Ballers" about football players. He co-stars with The Rock! So Look for him on HBO! I can hear him now, Dad, don't say that... but I'm a proud poppa, of all my children.

On being very particular about his favorite ice cream:

Oooh! Cherry Vanilla! If I had to pick 3: Cherry Vanilla is first. But then either Chocolate or Butter Pecan, Haagen-Daaz, or Mister Softee for those in New York, small cone. ORIGINAL Mister Softee, not the fake-out trucks! Mister Soft! Master Softee! They got 'em in New York! no, the original Mister Softee. Gotta be very specific.

On Tony Scott:

Tony was the best. You know? Tony would, he would curse one second, and cry the next. He wore his heart outside of his shirt. You knew how he felt. He was a very passionate and great filmmaker. Totally unafraid. And I really miss him. I just put a picture up, of him, in my room, in my study in my house, and I actually had to cover it up because it was too difficult to look at him. It's almost like he was looking at the camera, like he was looking at me, and I just really miss him.

If anybody out there is struggling - please seek help. Don't take your own life in your hands. or if you know someone whom you think is struggling, then don't let it be said that you didn't do all you could do to help them.

On souvenirs:

I kept some swords from "Book of Eli," sometimes I keep the costumes - I kept my glasses and hat from "Malcolm X." I did a play on Broadway called "Fences," where i played an old baseball player, and i kept the bat. Trying to think of what else I got... those are things I can think off the top of my head. I have the tailor-made suits I wore in "Training Day," I have those and the leather jacket. I go home with something.

On what he's watching now:

You know what? I'm on a Stanley Kubrick trip right now. I've just been watchin' all of his films. I watched "Full Metal Jacket" the other day, "Clockwork Orange," I've always been a fan of Scorsese, but I've sort of been on a Kubrick trip of late. I don't know why. In the next couple of years, I think I mentioned I'm going to direct a film, so I've started to put that hat on and watch how other filmmakers put together their movies. Kubrick was a genius. And simple. I was amazed at how simple his shot selection was. He knew exactly where to put the camera in the right place, it didn't feel like it's been filmed, it feels like reality.

On being the Sexiest Man Alive (and then handing off the crown):

Embarrassing. I mean, come on... alive? Embarrassing. I was like, come on now. And then when they pick the next person, are you like, second now? Is it just one year, and then you're what - it's like a Used Car, used Sexiest Man Alive dealership? The Almost Sexiest Man alive dealership? Who's the sexiest man now, Adam Levine? He sits next to me at the Laker Games. He's on the Voice? Who's this year's? It's November when they announce it... Can't you be the sexiest man for 2 years running? ALIVE... that's a mouthful... sexiest man alive. I didn't give the title to Clooney, they take it from you! I'm NEVER going to relinquish the title. I'm STILL the Sexiest Man Alive.

Make sure you write: I'm joking.

"The Equalizer" opens September 26.

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