Matthew McConaughey's recent career renaissance, which undoubtedly peak with his Oscar win earlier this year for "Dallas Buyers Club," has earned him a nifty perk: a lucrative endorsement deal with the car company Lincoln. (If you'll recall, his resurgence unofficially began with "The Lincoln Lawyer," so it kind of makes sense.) Judging by these first three commercials, which are the most McConaughey-iest thing we've ever seen, the car company might not have known what it was getting into.

The spots were directed by oddball filmmaker Nicholas Winding Refn, who won the Best Director award at Cannes for "Drive," and are super weird and self-aware. Imagine if McConaughey's character from "True Detective" were asked to sell cars and you get a sense of what these commercials are like: philosophical, artfully photographed, with McConaughey wearing a rumpled suit and sweating profusely for reasons that he refuses to make clear.

Just watch them. They're deliciously weird.... particularly the one with the bull (one that he calls "Cyrus"). Oh, yes, there's one with a bull.

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