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The final season premiere party for FX motorcycle drama "Sons of Anarchy" this weekend was meant to be a triumphant event in honor of the series's seven celebrated seasons. But it also featured plenty of emotion, too, as star Charlie Hunnam, showrunner Kurt Sutter, and others offered up fond remembrances and tear-jerking tributes to the show that has meant so much to them over the years.

Theo Rossi, who plays biker Juice Ortiz, admitted that he hasn't come to grips yet with "Sons" ending, noting that it probably won't be until the series finale airs in December that it will really hit him.

"My entire life has changed," Rossi told The Hollywood Reporter. "I've become a different person, a better actor."

Star Hunnam also says that "Sons" helped his acting, specifically with perfecting an American accent. The Brit said it was difficult at first.

"The first season for me was a total write off in terms of acting because I was completely consumed with trying to do the accent, which I'd never done before," Hunnam told THR. "It really contained me and controlled me that I wasn't free to make the moves I wanted to make as an actor. By midway through season two, I think I got that under control."

Like Rossi, Hunnam also believes he's a better actor now than he was when "Sons" began, crediting Sutter with much of his transformation.

"It was like going to an Ivy League school with Kurt Sutter being the mad professor that pushes us all to do our best work," he said. "Now I feel like I'm graduating with the confidence of that education, and I'm excited to go make some films."

After the screening of the first episode of season seven, Sutter heaped similar praise on Hunnam, who he addressed in front of the crowd.

"My whole life, I've sought out brotherhood and Charlie is definitely one of those brothers," an emotional Sutter said. "You are my son of anarchy."

The final season of "Sons of Anarchy" premieres on FX on September 9.

via: The Hollywood Reporter, Variety

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