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If you're like us and value your sleep, you probably nodded off into your Ambien dreamland before the party started on post-prime time TV. Don't worry; we've got you covered. Here's the best of what happened last night on late night.

Mel Brooks stopped by "Conan" to reminisce about his dearly departed friend Joan Rivers, who the comedian praised as "sharp, very brilliant, and very funny." Brooks said part of Rivers's brilliance was her willingness to make jokes about dark or unfamiliar subject matter with a fearlessness that was inspiring. Host Conan O'Brien then cued up a clip from when the comedian guest-hosted Rivers's "Late Show" in 1986, and Brooks took a unique approach to the job: donning one of Rivers's dresses, and doing the show in full drag, complete with wig, jewelry, makeup, nail polish, and heels. It's a great gag, and a fun way to remember just how eventful -- if short-lived -- Rivers's show was back in the day.

On "The Tonight Show," Steve Harvey stopped by for a round of "Family Feud," which divided host Jimmy Fallon, guest Jason Segel, and announcer Steve Higgins into a team against Questlove, Tarik, and James from The Roots. The game worked like the syndicated version, and Harvey reminded Fallon of that when Fallon got a little overzealous with explaining the rules to The Roots. It was a silly segment, filled with "Feud"'s typical innuendo-laced answers that had Harvey in a huff and the audience in stitches.

Segel sat down with Fallon to discuss his new children's book, "Nightmares!," based on his own childhood experiences. The actor also recounted a recent trip he took to Italy, his first real vacation in 10 years after wrapping up "How I Met Your Mother." In Italy, the sitcom was dubbed with, as the actor described it, "a super doofy guy" doing Segel's voice, leading Italian fans to think Segel himself was stupid. But Segel said he eventually convinced the fans he met that he was more intelligent than his voiceover actor gave him credit for.

"Girls" star Lena Dunham visited "Jimmy Kimmel Live" and chatted with the host about a number of subjects, including her memorable flight out to L.A. from New York (complete with two pants down moments), and her new gig as a writer for the iconic "Archie" comics. Dunham explained that she was a lifelong, diehard fan of the series, and when a close friend of hers became the creative director of the comics, she jumped at the chance to put her stamp on a few stories. The actress did have one complaint about classic "Archie," though, which she boiled down to this: "It's two really hot, intelligent women fighting over a redhead."

Dunham also talked about the experience of going to the Emmys, and how it deprives people of food and bathroom breaks, her two favorite things. Kimmel then asked the actress if her high school classmates ever would have expected her to be attending award shows, which led Dunham to admit that they wouldn't, then recount the story of how she ended up skipping her 10-year reunion. Rice pudding was involved.

Ben Schwartz also stopped by "Kimmel" to promote his work in "This Is Where I Leave You," and told the tale of meeting Robert De Niro while working on one of his first movies. Schwartz said he was starstruck, but the acting legend seemed approachable, and so Schwartz attempted to strike up a conversation one day between shooting scenes. That led to one of the most awkward, extended silences Schwartz ever experienced, he said, though the pair eventually found something to chat about -- that is, until Schwartz took things too far.

On "The Late Show," Bill Maher stopped by and talked with host David Letterman about Hillary Clinton's inevitable run for the presidency in 2016, an idea that the comedian said was a terrible one. The problem, Maher said, is that much like when she ran in 2008, the American public is sick of her, and she should take a break before entering into public service yet again. "My advice to her: Go away," Maher said.

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