DuckTales, DuckTales theme song, DuckTales credits
The "DuckTales" theme song is one of the great additions to '80s TV animation, and now it just got a whole lot better.

The folks at Oh My Disney have recreated the credits to the beloved series shot-for-shot -- using real ducks and ducklings. It's low budget, yes. But is it also awesome? Yes, yes it is.

Just try not to crack a smile as you watch ducklings jump into piles of fake gold coins, or ride in the cockpit of a plastic airplane. Does the duck standing in for Scrooge wear a top hat? You're darn right he does.

Check out the clip below, and prepare to hum the theme song for the rest of the day. (The original is here for comparison.) Woo-hoo!

via: Oh My Disney, h/t HuffPost Entertainment

Photo credit: YouTube

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