Minority Report
The McConaissance required some time on television, but there won't be a similar Cruisaissance.

Matthew McConaughey "slummed it" on HBO's "True Detective," and the rave reviews likely helped propel him to his first Academy Award. One would think Tom Cruise might take some notes from that and star in the TV series sequel to his 2002 movie, "Minority Report." One would be wrong.

Instead, according to The Hollywood Reporter, Fox is planning the pilot without him - and they're even flipping the gender on his role. The series would take place 10 years after the Precrime program ended and follow a male Precog who's still sees visions of the future. He teams up with "a detective haunted by her past who just may help him find a purpose to his gift."

In the 2002 film, based on Philip K. Dick's short story, Cruise played a detective in the year 2054 who ran the Precrime unit, which caught criminals before they committed their acts. These anticipatory arrests took place using foreknowledge from Precogs who could see the future. But Cruise's detective discovered flaws in the system, with the help of Samantha Morton's Precog.

"Minority Report" joins a growing list of movies adapted to television, including "Fargo" and "About a Boy." (Funny note: "Minority Report" is also the title of Larry Wilmore's upcoming Comedy Central show.)

It looks like a good bet to make it to series; it has a put-pilot commitment, which means Fox would have to pay a hefty penalty fee if they don't air the episode. So, our visions tell us that we're likely to see this on our screens sometime next year.

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