"Gone Girl" fans don't have to wait much longer until they see their beloved book on the big screen, though producer Reese Witherspoon isn't making that wait any easier.

Witherspoon sat down with Vanity Fair to discuss a host of upcoming projects, and chatted about the adaptation. Witherspoon told VF that she had seen a recent cut of the film, and could barely contain her excitement.

"It is so good," the actress gushed. "I think people are going to freak out. It will start a lot of date night conversations."

Just what those conversations might entail Witherspoon left up to viewers' imaginations, though they no doubt will swirl around the movie's controversial ending (which may or may not differ from the book, depending on who you ask). Either way, the producer's hearty endorsement of the flick bodes well for those longing to see it.

"Gone Girl" hits theaters on October 3.

via: Vanity Fair

Photo credit: Getty Images

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