Not sure what to watch on TV this evening? Don't worry -- we've got you covered. Every day, we here at Moviefone will share our picks for 5 shows we think are worth watching tonight. Be prepared! Here's what's on TV Wednesday, September 10:

'Hell's Kitchen' (FOX, 8 PM)

Gordan Ramsay returns for more yelling, more scariness, and more terrifying culinary competition. The Season 13 premiere kicks off when the contestants have a chance to dine with Wolfgang Puck and are challenged to create Ramsay's geoduck sashimi. Good luck, guys!
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'Graceland' (USA, 10 PM)
The second season of USA's undercover crime drama comes to a thrilling close.

'Taxi Brooklyn' (NBC, 10 PM)
Cat is forced to prove her innocence in the Season 1 finale of NBC's cop drama.

'I Heart Nick Carter' (Vh1, 10 PM)
The season premiere of a new reality show where Backstreet Boy Nick Carter prepares for his upcoming wedding while dealing with his career.

'Extant' (CBS, 10 PM)
Molly finally meets her son, the offspring.

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