Chris Evans in Playing It Cool
Chris Evans has played a whole lot of dark and troubled characters onscreen, from reluctant time-traveler Captain America in "The Avengers" to the leader of a class war in the futuristic "Snowpiercer." This trailer for "Playing It Cool," which was originally known as "A Many Splintered Thing," is a refreshing change of pace for the handsome star, as he plays a screenwriter who's suspicious of love.

Naturally, this unnamed babe meets his match in a spirited, smart woman played by Michelle Monaghan, whose verve causes him to question everything he knows about love and friendship. Especially since - d'oh - she has a boyfriend. (We're also stoked to see an age-appropriate love interest!) "Playing It Cool" aims to address the hoary old chestnut of whether men and women can be friends, and we're curious to see the results. It's got a cute and quippy cast that includes Aubrey Plaza, Luke Wilson, Topher Grace, Ioan Gruffudd, Martin Starr, and Evans's "Avengers" buddy Anthony Mackie.

"Playing It Cool" brings to mind this summer's smart romcom "What If," which stars Daniel Radcliffe and Zoe Kazan as platonic friends. Radcliffe's Wallace is trying really hard to keep it casual, but can you just be friends with someone you're attracted to? Both take aim at the silly tropes of romcoms, like over-the-top gestures that would go over pretty badly in real life, and are told from the point of view of a dude without giving the female characters short shrift. Is this a trend? Let's hope so!

[Via EW]