Guardicats of the Galaxy
Or should we say... Guardicats of the Galaxkitty?

You can really only go see "Guardians of the Galaxy" in the theater so many times before you go broke or your shoes permanently stick to the gross movie theater floor. This video by The Pet Collective is almost as fun, but more importantly, it's free. And you can watch it right now from the privacy of your home!

Although Chris Pratt seems more like a giant Golden Retriever than a stripey fluffball, this kitten does a pretty decent job of playing the Star-Lord. He's got a pawsome mix tape from his mom to keep him company on his quest across the galaxy for a cool shiny thing. The puns are nonstop, from the names of the Star-Lord's co-stars, Purry Saldana, Bradley Pooper, Kitvin Diesel, and Catista, to his upcoming film "Purrasic Park 4."

Yep, it's pretty ridiculous. Ridiculously cute, that is.

[Via The Mary Sue]